Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Are you being assertive or aggressive?

            Aggressive:  Expressing your feelings, needs and ideas at the expense of others.  Getting your way no matter who it hurts.  Usually ends up separating self from other people and can cause frustration and bitterness.


            Assertive:  Expressing your needs, feelings and ideas and standing up for legitimate rights in a way that doesn’t violate others.  Going for the win win.  Acting assertively reinforces your good feelings about yourself, improves self-confidence, and leads to freer, more honest relationships with others.

What can you do to be Assertive? 

ü  Know that you have the right to express your needs, wants and wishes.

ü  Express yourself when you are angry or upset.

ü  Take steps to change conditions you don’t like or persuade others to change them.

ü  In conflict, focus on the issues not the personalities.

ü  Trust others and expect to be trusted.

ü  Allow others to express how they feel.

ü  Be reliable and trustworthy.

ü  Be consistent in what you do and what you say.

Your assignment is to take steps to be assertive.  What is one small step from the list above that you can do this week?

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