Friday, August 31, 2012

Less Labor; More Grace

When to Take Action?

"When you are prompted from deep within to do something, do not waste time wondering why you should do it, or if you should do it, or when you should do it. Simply take immediate action and Do It, and count not the cost. You may not even see the outcome of that action immediately but you can rest assured that you will at the right time." ~Eileen Caddy~

I submitted a proposal to a contest from Oprah Magazine months ago.  I saw the call to action and got a strong feeling on what to propose and totally went for it.  It has been months and yesterday I was told I WON!!!  Impossible odds; yet it happened.  Now, I can do a lot of good through this win.

My constant prayer these days is “Father, I will remain still until I know your will.”  I KNOW when I KNOW and I act with I KNOW. 

In this INSANE world of noise I spend most of my day in silence waiting for the whisper of calling.  It brings me great peace to know that I will KNOW when I KNOW.

This Labor Day weekend I pray that you labor a little less and allow grace a little more.

Blessings, Amy

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