Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday!!!!

It's Week Sixteen of our Dare to BE Happy Challenge

Last week we focused on Critical Thinking and Decision Making.  My AHA was: Ask good questions and most importantly listen deeply.

This week we are focusing on HARNESSING THE POWER OF CHANGE.

We will focus on: 
  • Common Reactions to Change
  • Stages of Change
  • Basic Principles of Change
  • Components of Emotional Competence
  • Emotional Check  
  • Guidelines When in a period of transition
  • Guidelines for Effectively Communicating through Change
  • Making Creative Change
With Change we step into the unknown, where everything both wonderful and terrifying is possible!!!

**Judith found a great article that addresse the root cause of real life change.
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M4L Dare To BE Happy Challenge
WEEK Sixteen - Jul 15, 2014
April 1 through August 26, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
  • Read weekly blog posted here on Tues a.m.  
  • Experience the topic circle during the week in Las Vegas at the Music 4 Life® Health Club.
  • If you can't attend the Being an Effective Change Agent Las Vegas circle, the telephone call "Tele-Circle" is weekly on Tuesdays 6-6:30pm PT (712) 432-1212  code 676-773-827.
  • If you missed the Tuesday Tele-Circle, go to this link to listen to this week's recording for Being an Effective Change Agent 
  • Music Medicine: Many times change does not happen immediately when because unsettled feelings keep one stuck in the current situation, not wanting to change. It’s important to validate and release those feelings for clearer thinking that leads to emotional fluidity and greater acceptance and acting on change. Music 4 Life’s MEE Concert CD is successful in significantly reducing anxiety and stress, and building emotional fluidity through this special Mood Sequence Formula including several music genres.  (purchase the CD at www.mentalfitness.music4life.us)

    THE PROBLEM: if this music does not do it for you, and if you are in Las Vegas, please see us at the Music 4 Life® office for a free 10-minute session to merge your mind/mood/body into the theta state with a re-boot of your system through forced meditation in the Music Medicine Cove.  This may help to become a more effective change-maker. Find out about your music listening habits watching the TEDxUNLV Talk "Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness.” Download the Music Medicine Boot Camp to learn how to apply your music listening habits differently for self-empowerment. Re-organize your music into powerful playlists and Mood Sequence Formulas™ and cross-train to new music to support emotional fluidity and your ability to desire and act upon change.
    • Do your weekly homework printing out the handout below.
    • Share tweets M/W/F @msamyfrost
    • Share Facebook postings AmyFrost

This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Harnessing the Power of Change on Tuesday Jul 15 at 4pm, Wednesday Jul 16th at 8am and Friday Jul 18 at Noon.

Come in person and/or attend the Tele-Circle if you can - and please help us get the word out for we can't have enough happy people in the world...can we????

The World she is a changing...so are we...let's do it in grace, Amy

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