Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Tuesday!!!!

It's Week 21 of our Dare to BE Happy Challenge. We are rounding third with the challenge.  Next week, is the final week!

Last week we focused on Building Your Hope Skills My AHA was: Any of us can lose sight of hope if we don't make the time for doing hope building skills on a regular basis, to include vision in daily work, and allowing others to support us.

This week we are focusing on Optimism Key to Eating Stress So IT Doesn't Eat You.
  • Are you an Optimist? 
  • The 4 A’s of Affirmative Living
  • Inner Peace/Contentment
  • Living with Heart
  • How to Be Optimistic
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

**Judith found a 14-minute TED Talk about How to Make Stress Your Friend.

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M4L Dare To BE Happy Challenge
WEEK Twenty-One - Aug 19, 2014
April 1 through August 26, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
  • Read weekly blog posted here on Tues a.m.  
  • Experience the topic circle during the week in Las Vegas at the Music 4 Life® Health Club.
  • If you can't attend the Optimism: Key to Eating Stress so IT Doesn't Eat You Las Vegas circle, the telephone call "Tele-Circle" is weekly on Tuesdays 6-6:30pm PT (712) 432-1212  code 676-773-827.
  • If you missed the Tuesday Tele-Circle, go to this link to listen to this week's recording for Optimism: Key to Eating Stress. 
  • Music Medicine: Many times optimism is extinguished when there is no hope. And lack of hope may extinguish your Pilot Light and you plummet into the depths of unsettledness. Your instinctive music listening habits may throw you into the future where you want to be more relaxed or happier. If you find yourself feeling instantly unsettled as soon as the soothing or happy music is done, then self-medicating with music 24/7 is not the permanent solution. It’s important to validate, then release those unsettled feelings, before listening to soothing or happy music. Watch Judith Pinkerton’s TEDxUNLV Talk "Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness” to discover more about your music listening habits and how they may keep you stuck in stress, or shift you out of it. Learn how to be stress-less AFTER the music has stopped so that self-medicating with music 24/7 is no longer necessary in building your optimism. Download the Music Medicine Boot Camp to learn how to apply your music listening habits differently for self-empowerment. Re-organize your music into powerful playlists and Mood Sequence Formulas™, and cross-train to new music to eat stress before it eats you!
    • Do your weekly homework printing out the handout below.
    • Share tweets M/W/F @msamyfrost
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This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Optimism: Key to Eating Stress Before IT Eats You Tuesday Aug 19 at 4pm and Friday Aug 22 at noon.  

Come in person and/or attend the Tele-Circle if you can - and please help us get the word out for we can't have enough happy people in the world...can we????

Optimistically Yours, Amy 

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