Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Music 4 Life® New Beginning Dare to BE Happy Challenge and our focus for March will be Creating Your Own Luck!

Last week we talked about Humor at Work.  My AHA was: I can use humor to connect and lighten my load in any situation and I just need to practice, practice, practice that skill and enjoy the ride as I go! 

This week we will support you on How to build your hope skills.   Who doesn't need this?

 “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” 
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We will explore tools to help you to effectively look at your own hope levels and keep them in a place that serves a successful and happy life.  

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Music 4 Life® Dare To BE Happy Challenge 2015 New Beginnings
Jan 13 through Mar 31, 2015
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles we will be How to Build Your Hope Skills on Tuesday March 10th at 4-5pm and on Friday Mar 6th at Noon to 1pm.  

Hopefully Yours, Amy

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