Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday!!!

We continue with the  Music 4 Life® GREAT finale to 2014 Dare to BE Happy Challenge.  

Last week we focused on Busting Open Obstacles to Happiness My AHA was: I need to keep an eye on potential obstacles as a standard practice.  This way I have a better change of them not sneaking up on me!!!

This week we focus on the elements of building and maintaining an effective team we will be playing with:  Defining Success, Success Factors; Success Team Guidelines, Dealing with Conflict, Guidelines for Group Consensus, Creating Trust  in Teams, Positive Attitude and Personal Leadership  – Making the choice, Make Praise a Habit, Strategies for Dealing with Difference, and last and my favorite…Make Humor a Priority!

“WE Attitude”  Willing to be influenced.  Collaborative team effort.  Going for the Win Win and good of organization as a whole. Collaboration = highly assertive and highly cooperative.

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Music 4 Life® Dare To BE Happy Challenge 2014 Finale 
Sep 2 through Dec 30, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
  • Read weekly blog posted here on Tuesdays.  
  • Experience this topic's wellness circle during the week in Las Vegas at the Music 4 Life® Health Club.
  • Listen to Music 4 Life® Radio, 6:00-6:30pm Tuesdays at:BlogTalkRadio.com/Music4LifeUSA and call-in to (646) 929-0956.
  • Listen to last week's broadcast of Building and Effective Team.
  • Music Medicine: Guest  Colonel (R) Jill W. Chambers, U.S.Army - This Able Vet ®, LLC
  • THE PROBLEM: if this music does not do it for you, and if you are in Las Vegas, please see us at the Music 4 Life® office for a free 10-minute session to merge your mind/mood/body into the theta state with a re-boot of your system through forced meditation in the Music Medicine Cove.  This may help to release emotional tension that is blocking you from transforming your 2014 resolutions. Find out about your music listening habits watching the TEDxUNLV Talk "Music Powers Potential: Building Mental Fitness.” Download the Music Medicine Boot Camp to learn how to apply your music listening habits differently for self-empowerment. Re-organize your music into powerful playlists and Mood Sequence Formulas™ and cross-train to new music to shift your perspective.
    • Do your weekly homework printing out the handout below.
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This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Building and Effective Team, on Tue Sep 30th at 4pm and Friday Oct 3rd at Noon.

Happily Yours, Amy 

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