Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't BE the Turkey BE the Dessert

Happy Tuesday!!!

We continue with the  Music 4 Life® GREAT finale to 2014 Dare to BE Happy Challenge.  

Last week we focused on Negotiating Your Holiday Win Win My AHA was:  That taking visualization and intention to all areas of my life is what make my life successful, JOYful and happy!!!

You find yourself amazed that the holidays are here and panic struck at the thought of doing one more holiday task or need some inner peace for the holidays.   As my own holiday terror took me in its grip, I took some nice deep breathes and mapped out my action plan to survive this holiday season.  May this help you too.
This week we will:  Support ourselves in staying centered in the the chaos of the holidays while attempting to balance all the things we have to do anyway in our day-to-day life.  I used the quote below last week and it feels right again this week when you remember that so much of the terrorizing we receive in our lives...comes from ourselves!!!

You don’t have to let yourself be terrorized by others people’s expectations of you.  Sue Patton Thoele, Author of The Courage to Be Yourself

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Music 4 Life® Dare To BE Happy Challenge 2014 Finale 
Sep 2 through Dec 30, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Don't BE the Turkey BE the Dessert, on Tuesday Nov 11th at 4pm and Wed Nov 12th at 8am .

Happily Yours, Amy

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